Placed in the village of Nava, 30 kilometres from Oviedo, its main objective is to get people to know and to promote this drink characteristic of Asturias. The exhibition is far from the traditional idea of a museum with the exhibition of pieces ordered following thematic or typological criterion. The museum challenges visitors to take an active role. Thus through a surrounding exposing system, it aims to transmit all the possible information in relation to the production, the consumption and the history of the cider.

The visit is organised following the cycle of the cider, that is, from spring to spring or from the pollination to the consumption.

In a first section, using an active beehive as a resource to explain the pollination, the kinds of apples used in the elaboration of the cider are analysed and there is a recreation on how the fruit is classified to obtain the apple juice.

A second section displays the work necessary to obtain the apple juice. As a connecting line, a link between the different sections, the visitor uses a device that reproduces, using just one apple, the steps and the process that fit the yearly campaign of activity carried out in a llagar (ciderpress) or cider cellar.

Being a museum that reflects an activity in enlargement, the possibility of reconstructing the scenes of the cider are easy and many, in such a way that the scenes related to the llagar (ciderpress) or the cider cellar and the chigre (tavern) or bar are organised.

The traditional sports and the folklore are closely related with cider drinking. A virtual bowling alley and an electronic bagpipe are the references used to recreate the expressiveness and the ancient rhythms.
The museum also keeps graphic and documentary elements of the twentieth century related to the cider, being essential an important collection of champagned cider labels.

Address and phone

  • Plaza Príncipe de Asturias, s/n
    33520 Nava
  • Tel. 985 717 422
    Fax. 985 717 419

Tuesday to Friday
11.00-14.00 y 16.00-19.00
11.00-15.00 y 16:30-20.00

(15 June to 15 September)
Tuesday to Saturday
12.00-14.00 y 16.00-20.00
12.00-14.00 y 17.00-20.00

Closed on Mondays

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