The museum displays the traditional culture corresponding to several central Asturian counties. It was created in 1982 by the Town Council of Grado, since 1995 the permanent exhibition is placed in the factory premises of La Cardosa, 500 m from the main square of Grado. The municipal arts centre (Miranda Valcarzana Palace) houses temporary exhibitions and a sample of the cider making with a big weight press (llagar) to press the magaya (apple flesh).

The permanent exhibition is divided into sections to better know the traditional Asturian life:

Bread tradition. The main issue is growing escanda (a type of wheat hard to husk), very common to elaborate bread in many Asturian counties until the XX century. There are exhibited mesorias (tool to collect the cereal), a pisón de rabil (hand mill) to separate the grain from the poxa or husk, and an hydraulic flour mill.

The house. It exhibits the kitchen, kernel of country life full of details: the calamilleras (chains), to hang the pot; the escanos (wooden benches), to eat; the forno (oven), to bake bread and boroña; the bogadoiro with arna to make the washing; the kneading trough for the bread and many cacíos or pots and pans. There is also a living room and a bedroom, a loom and the implements to turn wool and linen into thread (cardas, restiellos, ruecas, fusos, argadiellas, or rakes, distaffs, spindles).

Farm equipment and ploughing team used not only in fertile plains but also in mountains.

The traditional crafts, including a forge where the ferrero (blacksmith) manufactured and mended iron implements; the bench where the basketmaker or goxero prepared the baniellas made of hazel to make goxos, baskets, etc; the carpenter’s bench and lathe to woodwork; one benche used by wooden shoe makers to hollow out –afuracar– this type of shoes; a shoemaker’s bench; a grinder, and many samples of pottery from the Miranda workshop (Avilés).

Address and phone

La Cardosa, s/n
33820 Grado


Groups only (+5 people) by prior arrangement, by calling 985 752 277 or by e-mail


Free and guided tour


From Oviedo by the A-63 motorway or by the N-634.
From Avilés on the AS-237
From Pravia on the AS-236 and AS-237
From Salas on the N-634

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